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Business Security Orange County

We can design a business system for your Orange County office, deli or 300,000 square foot warehouse.  Each burglar alarm system will require individual attention, designed and built from the ground up.  You may have a scenario where it is necessary to “partition” or operate certain areas of your facility separately – in other words the main facility may be disarmed however the “drug room”  or “office” must stay armed and secure with minimal access or authorization while tracking all user activity.  Access Control, Video System, Cellular Communications (No Phone Line Required) and Remote Connectivity through Total Connect are additional options.

commercial security rockland county

Areas of Service
Inter County Alarm provides commercial security systems for Orange County, Rockland County, Westchester County & Bergen County New York.
Commercial Security Rockland County
Commercial Security Bergen County
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Commercial Security Orange County

Commercial Security Features & options

commercial security rockland county

Access Control Option
Control and monitor employee access to interior and exterior doors.

honeywell camera

Video Surveillance Option
Video enhances security at your business and property. For interior & exterior applications.
Recording solutions capture and store video for documentation and investigation.

cell communicator rockland county

Cellular Communicator Option
Reduce your communication costs, no need for a hardwired phone line. Allows for greater flexibility. Perfect for applications where no phone lines exist

remote business monitoring

TOTAL CONNECT™ Remote Business Monitoring
Remote access from your smart phone to arm/disarm your system and know when you child has come home from school through a text message, email or video clip.

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